Sunday, September 9, 2012

On New Ideas

So yes. I have a new idea. And it's one I'm really, really excited about. I think this is the most excited I've been about a book idea since October 2011 and Delusion. Why? you may ask. Well, it includes:

- Victorian London
- Steampunk
- Greek mythology
- Magic
- Monsters
- Battles
- Romance

And this may sound a lot like LSC and DoF combined. The steampunk and Victorian London-ness from LSC, and the Greek mythology from DoF. It's a preqel to DoF - it uses the same mythology and stuff. But as to the LSC part - why am I so excited about this?

Well, I've had LSC as a plot bunny since summer 2011. It's changed drastically from then. Basically the only aspects of it that are still the same are the characters.

And I don't really know the characters all that well. I could list you all their favorites, but I don't know their personality, what makes them tick. Or I could tell you that Ellie's a focused girl who carefully strategizes everything and hides away from making attachments to people for her sake and theirs, or that Bran is a simple country boy who's driven by the fact that his powers cause havoc and chaos wherever he goes. I know what it looks like, but it's hard to write. It's only when I'm in a really specific mood that I can sit down at the keyboard and bash out another bit of LSC. But for these characters, the ones in SA, I do know their personalities, and it's easy to write.

Although the genres overlap, there actually isn't very much about LSC and SA that are the same. In SA, the steampunk part only really comes in from one brilliant inventor, and the gadgets are mostly small, inconspicuous things. In LSC, it's in the world around them. Daedala could not function without this technology, the automatons specifically, and London could.

Anyway, the pitch for SA:
Nothing is what it seems 

Lady Calista Gladstone has always known her fate as a Descendant of the Greek gods. After her younger sister, Isabel, becomes a Descendant, she’ll begin to show her how to use her powers and how to become a powerful goddess-witch. For now, she's content to stay at home, practicing her magic by day and dancing it all away by night. 

But it seems that Fate has other ideas. After a monster attack that leaves no one standing and a Descendant initiation ceremony that goes horribly wrong, Calista realizes the world she thought she once knew is an illusion. Everything is hidden under wraps and veils, and it will take powerful magic to unfold them all. 

As the monster attacks become more and more frequent and as the death toll for both Descendants and mortals alike rises, Calista has to figure out – does she even want to look beyond the shadows? And if she does, is she strong enough to handle what she’ll find?

I'll just leave you with this banner I made for the Labyrinth (that's what I'm calling it) series. I'm actually quite pleased with it: